CCR – 012 – Meet Team Trump

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Meet Team Trump

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Meet the new false hope, same as the old false hope.

Welcome to the Creative Commons Report. I’m Matt Haughton, your narrator. I read Corbett Report articles, so you don’t have to. However, one thing you should read, are all the links James provides so that you can come to your own conclusions, and make better decisions.

by James Corbett
November 12, 2016

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The meat and potatoes.

usual assortment of bankster-connected corporate lobbyists

Chris Christie. Yes, that Chris Christie.

17-year Goldman Sachs veteran

-Yes, that Soros

frontrunner to be Secretary of the Treasury

God’s work

Century of Enslavement

2011 Government Accountability Office report

conflicts of interest

recent edition

points out

never heard of a foreign invasion he didn’t lust after

listen to him

name-dropped for months

served as the conduit

in the running

under consideration

Stephen Bannon

Jared Kushner

takes great pains to point out

unconvicted 9/11 criminal

hated by the New York Fire Department

as soon as the gold was discovered

unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policing policy




-can I interest you in some reading?

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