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Periodical News Update For The Week Of.

12-2-2016 / 12-9-2016

National Guard inaction exposes communities to lead

In two Oregon armories where parents unwittingly let infants crawl, the neurotoxin blanketed floors at levels as high as 10 times the federal safety standard.

Gemalto to acquire 3M’s Identity Management Business

Digital security company Gemalto has agreed to purchase the identity management business of 3M (NYSE: MMM) for $850 million in a push to expand government programs technology offerings for the commercial biometrics market. 3M’s identity management business includes 3M Cogent that works to provide biometric platforms in the areas of law enforcement, civil identification and border control as well as document reader and secure materials businesses.

GA-ASI Starts Flight Testing for Production Representative Gray Eagle Extended Range

MQ-1C ER’s enhanced capabilities will expand the tactical range for Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance (ISR), electronic warfare, and attack missions for the U.S. Army and other prospective customers.

Prescient Traveler Released in NGA GEOINT App Store

Prescient is pleased to announce the release of its Prescient Traveler Mobile Application in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) GEOINT App Store ( Prescient Traveler’s placement in the store allows Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) personnel with a Common Access Card (CAC) to download the application directly to an approved mobile device for complimentary use all over the world.

CMC Neller Wants More Cyber, Intel and Electronic Warfare Marines

“They’ll be performing tasks and providing capabilities that we don’t think are existing in the current force in sufficient quantity, or they don’t exist at all,” Marine commandant Gen. Robert Neller said during the Defense Forum Washington conference hosted by the U.S. Naval Institute.
“What capabilities? Information operations, intelligence analysis, targeting, electronic warfare [and] cyber.”

Even if the Marine Corps doesn’t grow from 182,000 to 185,000 – as proposed in the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act – Neller said the requirements of the modern battlefield are pushing the Marines to a higher-end fight than the Corps conducted in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Endgame Awarded Largest EDR Contract of Year with U.S. Air Force

“As attacks become more polymorphic, Endgame’s unique ability to anticipate never-before-seen adversary techniques will help the Air Force better prevent, detect, and hunt attackers before they cause damage or loss.”

NATO Chief Urges Continued Pressure On Russia Over Ukraine

“I believe sanctions are an important tool to send a very clear message that we do not accept the kind of aggressive behavior — the illegal annexation of Crimea and the destabilizing behavior in eastern Ukraine — which Russia is responsible for,” Stoltenberg added.

-NATO Defense College – Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

Recent events surrounding the presidential election in the United States have thrown Russia’s capabilities and intentions in the information domain into renewed focus. The implications of facing a combined effort of cyber offensives with traditional subversion and active measures are critically important for all members of the alliance.

Soldiers put their riot-control skills to the test

Trust me, it’s going to come in handy domestically. CYM

“Our commander took control and we pushed forward until we were able to clear the barrier that the crowd made to allow freedom of movement for the rest of the guys. Through the thick plumes of colored smoke, the Soldiers moved forward as a single entity, their thick plastic riot shields interlocking like scales. “Hold the line! Hold the line!” cried the commander. The Soldiers echoed the command as the first wave of rioters broke upon their shields. ”

~related And if they get too uppity…

Jean Peccoud to provide bioprocessing expertise for Department of Defense

While the primary purpose of the vaccines would be to protect U.S. soldiers, it is possible that such vaccines could be used for endemic outbreaks as well.


US to build $1.6B East Idaho facility for warships’ nuclear waste

“The NNPP is a joint Navy and Energy Department organization and has been sending spent Navy fuel to the Idaho site by rail from shipyards since the 1950s. ”

Appeal To Tradition – CYM

State Dept Clears $115M Electronic Warfare Range System Sale to Australia

Australia intends for the EW systems to deter regional threats and build up the country’s homeland defense posture.

KASOTC and PepperBall® Announce Strategic Partnership to Establish Customized Non-Lethal Training Course for Police, Military & Security Forces

The course features training on the most advanced pneumatic launchers, including PepperBall’s VKS (Variable Kinetic System). The VKS launcher is unique in that its velocity can be adjusted to shoot projectiles from 280fps to 400fps, a single system that can be used for multiple missions. It also offers the ability to fire PepperBall’s round projectiles, as well as its VXR shaped projectiles™, which doubles the system’s accurate effective distance.

-US Senate Panel OKs Funds to Fight Online Propaganda

“This propaganda and disinformation threat is real. It’s growing, and right now, the U.S. government is asleep at the wheel,” Portman said in a formal statement. “The U.S. and our allies face many challenges, but we must better counter and combat the extensive propaganda and disinformation operations directed against us.”