Idaho Common-Tater : 001 : You Are The Market Start Acting Like It

Matt Haughton Community Building, Idaho Common-Tater

The onset of winter is here in Idaho. There is no more time left preparing for it. The snow is already here, and has been plowed from the driveway. The fireplace will be burning nearly non-stop until late February. I’m reminded of all the work that has been done this last year, the preparation for inevitable cold. I feel content knowing that all the firewood has been pulled from the property, cut, split and stacked. There is fresh meats in the freezer, and about a hundred pounds of potatoes in storage. I can’t think of a better time of year to re-examine the things I consider important, and juxtapose them against that which is a necessity of living free.

Perhaps the simplest of these things are; food, water, shelter.

I live under a roof, sure. But this land that the house is on, while paid for, is not owned but rented from the state. Water flows underground, you betcha. But I pay an electricity bill in order to extract that life from the earth. I do some gardening, not enough to completely feed myself. I feel compelled to eat, so I buy food from town. Try as I might to provide for myself, I find that I’m still on the IV drip of consumer tax-cattle-ism.

While I can’t exactly get out of paying property tax, I can briefly address energy dependence ( food and electricity ).

Food, noun

1. any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.
   I’m not seeing anything that specifies that food can only come from a restaurant or grocery store. Do you, the reader, have any farmers markets in your locality like I do? What about a neighbor that farms? Or a piece of land or access to one that could produce produce? ( see what I did there?) What about solar energy? What about solar water heating? Geothermal? We are only limited by our imagination and our willingness to learn from mistakes.
   Following the daily happenings around the world and locally from any media you might follow can be a discouraging and life sucking experience. Am I alone? You might realize that the system of control built around us all has largely been manufactured by the very same people that are subjected to it. Unwittingly conceived and implemented by individuals that thought their desire to do good through government and commerce could do no harm. And through our child-like faith in authority, atrocities befall every corner of the globe.
I know things are bad, worse than bad.
   But is that where the train stops? Is that what we are left with? The only solution being to get mad and rage against the proverbial machine. Call me crazy, no the buck does not stop there. You are the market. And no amount of voting could ever steer this ship away from Technocracy Island in the way conscious counter-economics could, and is.

I personally know the family that makes my soap.

Have you ever hugged the CEO of Unilever?

   I have surely made progress towards the end goal of self-sufficiency. And I’m encouraged as I look back over the last decade of my life, and as I find similar stories from this growing community. We are all part teacher and part student. We are community, and we lift each other up. In these cold months, let’s try and come up with a few good ideas we can take action on come next spring. Let’s mess with the primal forces of nature. Fuck their natural monopolies, we can and ARE doing better.