Last-Week 2017 : WK 02

Matt Haughton Weekly Rewind
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LW 2017-WK-02

This Edition of Last-Week covers the Second week of 2017

Jan 08  / Jan 14, 2017

-Recent Shootings And “Voice To Skull” Technology

Filling the swamp:

-President-Elect Trump Announces Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to Lend Expertise to Cyber Security Efforts
See Also: 9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

Climate scare:

California storms add 350 billion gallons to parched reservoirs

-U.S. Government Officially Calls For Research Into Geoengineering The Earth


-Decentralize Everything: How To Avoid the Technocratic Nightmare

-Prediction: Goodbye Democracy, Hello Technocracy

Property Rights:

-DelBene Joins Colleagues in Reintroducing the Email Privacy Act

Cyber Security:

-Microsoft, Qualcomm back Israel’s Team8 cybersecurity firm

-ND House approves bill to defend against cyber attacks


Israeli Jets Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows It Will Respond To “Flagrant Attack”

-US Navy Destroyer Fires ‘Burst’ of Warning Shots at Iranian Small Craft

Afghanistan Mission Remains on Track, Defense Spokesman Says

‘Specific’ terror evidence not necessary for RAF drone strikes

Suicide was the most common cause of death among Israel soldiers last year

Segue into this…..

Legal Magic Mushrooms Could End The Antidepressant Industry By Curing Depression

Military Industrial Complex:

Department of Defense Seeks Biodegradable Bullets

BAE Systems to continue development of shipboard power for Navy’s electromagnetic railgun

Department of Defense Announces Successful Micro-Drone Demonstration

US Army Looking to 3D-Print Minidrones in 24 Hours

Watch US military jets launch more than 100 Perdix drones over California

As the revolving-door continues to spin….

Drone Aviation Appoints David V. Aguilar, Former Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to Board of Directors

Helicopter-borne Pod to Extend Navy’s Electronic Warfare Horizon
See Also: Over The Horizon Radar, À la Weather As A Force Multiplier

Harris Corporation to Develop New Narrowband Soldier Radio Waveform for US Department of Defense


Moon mining company to bring ‘precious resources’ back to Earth after funding secured

MDA’s U.S. business unit, SSL, to provide spacecraft for NASA asteroid exploration mission

Johns Hopkins APL Provides Key Instruments for NASA’s New Discovery Missions

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