Last-Week 2017 : WK 03

Matt Haughton Weekly Rewind
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LW 2017-WK-03

This Edition of Last-Week covers the Third week of 2017

Jan 15  / Jan 21, 2017

Weed War

South Carolina Considers Legalizing Medical Marijuana

New Study: Cigarettes Tied To Increased Stroke Risk But Not Marijuana

Idaho State Police seize 378 pounds of marijuana in traffic stop Friday near Kellogg


$9 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized in Atlanta’s Largest Bust in History

War War

Navy’s Surface Force Commander Wants Deadlier Fleet

Water War

Damascus Water Crisis Now Over As Syrian Military Retakes Wadi Barada

One Third of Americans Can’t Afford Safe Running Water

Military Industrial Complex

Military weighs expanded use of cyber, space weapons against ISIL

Also Read/Watch: Who Is Really Behind ISIS?

US Navy developing ‘Iron Man’ smart body armor that can detect brain injuries if soldiers are blown up

Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionize future battlefields

See Also: Weather As a Force Multiplier  Chapter 15

Darpa’s Off-Roaders Ditch Windows for a Digital World View

Goldfein: Search for New Light Attack Aircraft May Begin by Spring

Information Industrial Complex

Law Enforcement Has Been Using OnStar, SiriusXM, To Eavesdrop, Track Car Locations For More Than 15 Years

CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans

Obama gives US intelligence greater access to warrantless data on foreigners

Fake News: The Latest Weapon in Information Space

Marine Corps May Get a Cyber-Only MOS

Autonomous Violence

Science Fiction Becomes Reality, Robots to Get “Electronic Personhood” Legal Status

DoD Announces Award of New Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Innovation Hub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Liteye and Tribalco partner to equip US military with anti UAV defence systems

See Also : Non-Kinetic Defined : Non-Kinetic Capabilities for Irregular Warfare Proxy Highlight

Textron Systems Begins On-Water Testing for Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV™)

AAI awarded $475M Special Operations drone contract

Lyft thinks the answer to easing traffic is to carpool or pay up

Amazon patented a highway network that controls self-driving cars and trucks

Swamp Things

House passes Mattis waiver 268-151

Mattis pledges ‘harmony and trust’ between Pentagon, White House

Who is John Mattis? US General says- “It’s good fun to shoot people”

BTW: Listen how excited some morons are : The Truth About Gen. Mad Dog Mattis

International Swamp Things

Rothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

Also Read: Masters of the Universe


News From Davos 2017

3 Realities You Aren’t Being Told About Afghanistan

The Geopolitics Of 2017 In 4 Maps

What Drives Motivate Israeli Missile Attacks on Syria?

Trump Plays the Taiwan Card   ( With Video )

Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott blames Putin and Russia for upsetting the “New World Order”

   ( With Video )

Spotted In Davos: Anti-Drone Guns


WGS-9 arrives in Florida for launch

SBIRS GEO-3 launch scrubbed Thursday, rescheduled for Friday

I don’t know how to file these

Las Vegas stripper Loren Toelle pleads guilty to heading multistate drug ring that ensnared a Coeur d’Alene physician

CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online

Quantum Computing Is Real, and D-Wave Just Open-Sourced It

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