Month: February 2017

WeeklyRewind 2017 WK 08

Weekly Rewind 2017 : WK 08 This Edition of Weekly Rewind covers the week of, Feb 19th through Feb 25th 2017 –Increased Concerns for National Defense, Cybersecurity, Terrorism Threats Fueling Latest Rise in Innovative Detection Products and Applications ¬†–What Will Be Trump’s Reichstag Fire? –Design-Build Structure Solicitation Number: 2017-JC-RT-0001 –IARPA WANTS WAYS… continue reading »

WeeklyRewind 2017 WK 07

Another crazy news cycle last week, and another week of me recoiling away from it all. This edition of Weekly Rewind covers the 7th week of 2017. Feb 12th through Feb 18th Before I plow into the links, I want to take a moment to tell you about some upcoming projects. I have re-drafted¬†my notes… continue reading »

Weekly Rewind 2017 : WK 06

Matt Haughton

This edition of Weekly Rewind covers the 6th week of 2017. This first thing you may notice, I didn’t do any formatting like can be found on previous posts of WR. The next thing you may notice is that there are far fewer articles than previous editions. It’s not the case that this last week… continue reading »

-TEMPLATE WeeklyRewind 2017

This Weekly Rewind covers the Fifth week of 2017. January 29th – February 4th. Don’t Dehumanize the “Enemy” –Free Speech, Sucker Punching Nazis, and Principles of Consistency –Deconstructing Enemy Images #Feminism: celebrating when #antifa physically assaults a peaceful woman giving an interview. — Ashton Liu (@Ash_Effect) February 2, 2017 –40% Say Election… continue reading »