Weekly Rewind 2017 : WK 15/16

Matt Haughton Weekly Rewind
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WeeklyRewind 2017 WK 15-16

This Edition of Weekly Rewind covers the

Fifteenth and Sixteenth week of 2017.

April 2nd Through April 15th

Another double dose this week.

I’m sure by now, we have all heard that our loving Forevercrats in the Kakistocracy are continuing the agenda of destabilization and regime-change in the Middle East. While bombs falling in Syria and Afghanistan is in the news, some things, like tends to be the case while following the Main Stream Media, aren’t being talked about. I can’t lay out the complete context and subtext, but I can pass on a few links that I believe serve as a compass for you to try and navigate this push for war in the Trump-and-Change 2.0 America.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep

Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag


BREAKING: Putin Declares Syria Gas Attack a ‘False Flag,’ Says More Are Coming


The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory


Assad allies say U.S. attack on Syria air base crosses ‘red lines’


Syria war: G7 fails to agree sanctions on Russia after ‘chemical attack’


Did Al Qaeda Fool The White House Again?


Migrants from west Africa being ‘sold in Libyan slave markets’


Throwing Money at Problems Created by The Military.

Air Force Wants Better Radar to Monitor North Korean Missiles


Media Death Rattle

The Washington Times refuses to disclose sponsor of anti-Turkey propaganda supplement


Geo “I Told You So” Engineering

Talk of Climate Change Mitigation seems to always include talk about Geoengineering. The climate Devil as the excuse for open geoengineering? Possibly.

Harvard Researchers Are Preparing to Geoengineer the Atmosphere


Looks like I was a little late on this one, found this one from March 24, 2017.

Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments


“Funding for the initial experiments would come from grants that Harvard provided Keith and Keutsch as new professors. Additional funds may come from Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program, a multidisciplinary effort launching this spring to study feasibility, risks, ethics, and governance issues surrounding geoengineering. As of press time, it had raised more than $7 million from Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, the Hewlett Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Harvard-internal funds, and other philanthropists.”

And a direct link to the study from November 2014

The Seeker article above states

“In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists will disperse aerosols into the stratosphere in initial tests of a controversial technique for blocking incoming solar radiation.”

A study like this is only arguably “a first” because of its use as a “technique for blocking incoming solar radiation” and not for controlling weather patterns. The basis for these techniques are as new as the  Color TV. For those of you not paying attention, the Color TV came onto the scene in the 1940’s.

In 1952, General Electric and the Armed Services Technical Information Agency published History of Project Cirrus RL-756 . It wasn’t filed under Solar Radiation Management (SRI), Geoengineering (and Solar Geoengineering) or weather Modification, but Meteorology.

A .Txt based version of The History Of Project Cirrus is available here.

Seeker also states

“The study will be the first to actually shoot tiny amounts of material into the stratosphere to study solar geoengineering — although researchers caution they will start with water vapor and won’t exceed volumes over 1 kilogram of any substance.”

Again, only by their wording is this statement accurate.

Cloud seeding was happening commercially in Honduras as early as 1948.

“In 1948 and 1949, Langmuir visited Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa
Rica to study tropical cloud formations, and particularly to learn what was
being done by Joe Silverthorne, a commercial cloud seeder, in seeding
clouds for the United Fruit Company. The work was being conducted for
the purpose of testing out the possibility of controlling rainfall, and partic-
ularly in the hope of stopping blow -downs that result from winds associated
with thunderstorms, which occasionally destroy large stands of fruit trees.”

Honduras also blames the US for hurricane Fifi (1974). Ecoscience, page 689.

Also in the States, big surprise.

“A tremendous amount of interest in the possibilities of controlling
precipitation was aroused in the West, especially in the great agricultural
regions where an adequate supply of water is highly important and a
drought can have catastrophic consequences. Many co-operative groups
of water users were formed, and organizations sprang up for the purpose
of engaging in cloud seeding on a commercial basis. At the time of writing
(May, 1952), some 350 million acres of the United States west of the Miss-
issippi were subject to cloud seeding by commercial operators, according
to current estimates (News release, James Stokley, for release May 12, 1952).”

As well as being used by the US Military during the Vietnam War.

There are a ton of other examples in the History of Project Cirrus paper. Both of the excerpts above were taken from it. Read it for yourself, I trust you have the mental faculties needed to do so. I do want to leave you one more quote regarding the quantity mentioned in the Seeker article.

“…they will start with water vapor and won’t exceed volumes over 1 kilogram of any substance.”

“Theory has predicted and experiments are confirming the fact that a few pounds of silver iodide released into the atmosphere in the form of fine particles can exercise a pro-found influence over the weather hundreds c£ miles away from the point of release. Clearly no private individual or group can be permitted to carry on operations likely to affect weather conditions over thousands or hundreds cf thousands of square miles.”

“So many nuclei could be produced with silver -iodide smoke that calculations indicated all the air of the United States could be nucleated at one time with a few pounds of silver iodide, so that the air would contain one particle of silver iodide per cubic inch–far more than the number of ice nuclei occurring normally under natural conditions. v65)”


DARPA Wades into Murky Multimedia Information Streams to Catch Big Meaning


Putting Social Science Modeling Through Its Paces


DARPA-Funded Deep Brain Stimulator is Ready for Human Testing


Surveillance, Coming to a Border Near You

General Dynamics RVSS Reaches Milestone and Helps Secure U.S. Border


VIDEO: US Customs and Border Protection 2016 – Securing America’s Borders.


All Your Biometric Are Belong To Us, And We Totally Got Your Back, Bro

Crossmatch Awarded $5.8 Million IARPA Contract to Develop Next-Gen Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Technologies


Tools For Volitional Living

Derrick Broze: Decentralize Your Life (video/podcast)


Yakkin With Nick Ep.11 Yak Fiber


Uber, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up


Property Rights

Delaware Bill Would Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use, Nullify Federal Prohibition

New Music

Seattle Based Biddadat, Misbehavin


Album Stream: Deep State – Thought Garden


Space News

Astronomers May Finally Have the First Picture of a Black Hole


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