Weekly Rewind 2017: WK 21

Matt Haughton Weekly Rewind
WeeklyRewind 2017 WK 21

This Edition Of The Weekly Rewind Covers The Twenty First Week Of 2017.

May 21st through May 27th.

Actually, it covers a good portion of May 2017.

I took a few weeks off of this here Weekly Rewind to work on a studio project. Not an audio production, but building some Broadband Traps, 6 in total. This is not the place for an explanation of what a Broadband Trap is or does. I highly recommend, if you are at all interested in audio quality, that you look at the link I just shared.

Broadband Trap prototype

This is what one of the finished ones looks like.

Measuring roughly 2′ x 4′ x 3 3/4″, it has a Redfir frame and Cedar grill. The cloth portion is Muslin, and directly behind it is the most important part. A two inch thick chunk of a product called Stone Wool or Rock Wool.

Specifically, it’s THIS product from Roxul, called AFB, Acoustical Fire Batts. These aren’t nearly as scary as Unfaced Batts, Batts flying around without faces. Those kind of Batts are the thing nightmares are made of. These Batts are for superior acoustics.

I just started the editing process for a DIY video, as I wanted to share this project with you, and I want to inspire those of you that wanted to make some of your own. Stay tuned for that, I have to distill about 8 hours of video into something easy to digest.

I’ll put it this way, If a Plumber from Northern Idaho can figure this out, so can you. Please don’t accuse me of being smart. The only difference between you and I, if you aren’t familiar with Acoustics, is the time I have invested in Self Learning on the subject.

But, you aren’t here for Acoustics,

you are here for the links.

Free Book

For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto


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Jay Analyzes Twin Peaks

Esoteric Symbolism Behind David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – Jay Dyer (with video/audio)


Be Scared, You’re Easier To Control That Way

North Korean nuclear threat ‘inevitable’ if left unchecked, top US intel official says


Obligatory Darpa News

Aerojet Rocketdyne Selected As Propulsion Provider for Boeing/DARPA Experimental Spaceplane

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 Water Wars

Decades of warnings behind chemical contaminating water in Airway Heights


Drones And Drones Launching Drones

Trump wants to be able track and destroy drones flying over the U.S.


VIDEO: Lockheed Martin Conducts First Underwater Unmanned Aircraft Launch from Unmanned Underwater Vehicle


VIDEO: When Robots Storm the Beach


The Future Holds Fake Skin

Upside Biotechnologies to Work with US Army on Engineered Skin Replacement


Internet Of Things

Cisco IoT Threat Defense: Realizing the Promise of IoT with an Architecture and Services Solution to Secure IoT Devices


Smart Denim For Stupid People

‘Smart’ denim promises touchscreen tech clothes


The Health Of The State

State Dept OKs $250M Military Education, Training Support Deal With Saudi Arabia


Raytheon and Saudi Arabia Military Industries announce strategic partnership


Who’s Arming Radical Militants in Syria and Iraq?


Same As The Old Fraud

Trumpcare and Obamacare are Just Different Versions of the Same Deep State Healthcare Plan




Don’t Worry, It Ain’t All That Bad. This Article Features A Heartwarming Story About A Dog

Experience: my dog rescues cats


These Stories, Unfortunately Features No Dogs

IBM and Raytheon BBN Scientists Demonstrate Quantum Computer Performance Advantage Over Classical Computers


DoD: Intelligence Secrecy Must Yield to Internal Oversight


Space Tech

Lunar Surface Cargo Transportation Services Request for Information (RFI)


SpaceX Just Launched Its First U.S. Military Spy Satellite