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[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/5885547/height/90/width/450/theme/custom/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/88AA3C/” height=”90″ width=”450″] DOWNLOAD The Episode Here. To submit Tech related stories, use #Dissentralized on the Tweets, or direct them my way @CY_media Mozilla Joins George Soros’s Efforts In Launching A Strike Against “Fake News” www.activistpost.com/2017/08/mozilla-joins-george-soross-efforts-launching-strike-fake-news.html Amber Rudd: viewers of online terrorist material face 15 years in jail www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/03/amber-rudd-viewers-of-online-terrorist-material-face-15-years-in-jail Mist and Ethereum Wallet 0.9.2 https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases/tag/v0.9.2… continue reading »

Bass trap table cropped square

Building DIY Broadband Traps & Crowdfunded Audio Engineering I’m not dead yet. [iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/MVluBhtsj0Ub/” width=”100%” height=”400″] Link to the video HERE I have been working on a project this last month. I have been building Broadband Traps. Don’t know what the hell that is? That’s ok, I have a video of the DIY project coming… continue reading »

This Edition of Weekly Rewind covers the Seventeenth week of 2017. April 16th Through April 22nd. I’m currently working on an audio project for a friend. No Image, and these articles are in no particular order. Stay tuned for new music. –Crushing Physics as You Knew it: Scientists Create Liquid With Negative Mass www.sputniknews.com/science/201704191052794823-liquid-negative-mass-laboratory-synthesis/ –Shooting Focus on… continue reading »

WeeklyRewind 2017 WK 09

This Edition of Weekly Rewind covers the Ninth week of 2017. February 26th Through March 4th. War Is The Health Of The State –In first address to Congress, Trump promises a mightier military, more money for vets www.militarytimes.com/articles/trump-congress-address-military-build-up-veterans-money –Is the Military Really “Depleted” After Years of Record-High Spending? www.reason.com/blog/2017/02/28/is-the-military-really-depleted-after-ye –Six new Purdue research projects focused… continue reading »


[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4978231/height/90/width/450/theme/custom/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/88AA3C/” height=”90″ width=”450″] DOWNLOAD The Episode Here. This Edition of Last-Week covers the first week of 2017 Jan 01 – 07, 2017 Israel –Media Coverage on Settlements Ignores Israel’s Crimes Against Palestinians newsbud.com/2016/12/31/media-coverage-on-settlements-ignores-israels-crimes-against-palestinians/ 10 – min – 47 – sec Health/GMO –Why Nestle pays next to nothing for Michigan groundwater http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/12/why_nestle_pays_next_to_nothin.html 12 – min… continue reading »