A note to the reader:

My goal as content creator of CYM is to pass along information I have observed on my journey towards Cognitive Liberty. You read that correctly, journey TOWARDS Cognitive Liberty. I have not arrived at some fortress of Journalistic Objectivity. That is not to say there is no truth to be found within these pages. The point is that I make mistakes, I have been wrong in the past, and will likely be wrong about things in the future. You may not agree with any point I try to make, but I know that if you peruse my source material you will come to understand WHY it is I think, believe, and live free in the way I do. Listed below are a smattering of resources that have been valuable to me as I began questioning my world view. I would encourage your feedback, the only caveat being if you hope to get my response, please exercise some empathy and voluntary nonviolent communication. Ask anyone I used to be friends with, being an asshole doesn’t work if your goal is trying to share ideas (full disclosure, it was sometimes me being the prick). This site represents the turning over of a new leaf so to speak. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know all the solutions, however I do have a few. And I hope you are the curious type, willing to entertain a new idea without accepting it.

You are the Captain of your own vessel. The responsibility of education is yours and yours alone.