Hack Wars

-TEMPLATE WeeklyRewind 2017

This Weekly Rewind covers the Fifth week of 2017. January 29th – February 4th. Don’t Dehumanize the “Enemy” –Free Speech, Sucker Punching Nazis, and Principles of Consistency www.steemit.com/nazis/@wikiworldorder/free-speech-sucker-punching-nazis-and-principles-of-consistency# –Deconstructing Enemy Images www.kindcommunication.org/2017/01/30/deconstructing-enemy-images/ #Feminism: celebrating when #antifa physically assaults a peaceful woman giving an interview. pic.twitter.com/Zh1kl7wR3c — Ashton Liu (@Ash_Effect) February 2, 2017 –40% Say Election… continue reading »