[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] DOWNLOAD The Episode Here. This Edition of Last-Week covers the first week of 2017 Jan 01 – 07, 2017 Israel –Media Coverage on Settlements Ignores Israel’s Crimes Against Palestinians 10 – min – 47 – sec Health/GMO –Why Nestle pays next to nothing for Michigan groundwater 12 – min… continue reading »

[podcast src=”” height=”379″ width=”489″] DOWNLOAD The Episode Here.The CCR is a narration of the article Al Qaeda Videos Aren’t the Only Media the US Has Faked by James Corbett 10/8/2016 Additional Resources. 1. Fake News And False Flags Martin Wells, a former employee of Bell Pottinger (2006-2008) tells the story of Western funded and… continue reading »